June 6, 2017 Blog

Preparing for Reactions to One-Year Mark Events

Traumatic events are stored as powerful memories in our brain, and when those memories are activated, they have the power to affect our feelings and behavior, even years later. It’s not unusual to experience the following symptoms, especially during a heightened emotional time, like a one-year mark.

Feeling Keyed Up

You may feel anxious, fearful or unable to relax. You may find that you startle easily, you cannot sleep, have trouble eating or you get angry quickly.

Feeling Negative or Sad

You may feel sad or cry thinking about who or what you lost or how things have changed. It may be hard to talk to family or friends.

Difficulty Sleeping

It can be tough to relax, but getting in a routine may help. Try going to bed at the same time each night and don’t nap after 4 p.m. Avoid caffeine in the evenings. Also, drinking alcohol to sleep actually interferes with the natural sleep process.

Reliving The Event

You may find yourself suddenly feeling as if the event were happening again. Things that remind you of the trauma, sometimes called triggers, may cause you to feel as if you were living it again.


You may find that you are avoiding, or want to avoid, anything that reminds you of the event. This could include

All of these reactions are normal reactions to a period of high stress. It’s important to stay healthy and know what is normal for you. If you experience pro-longed or uncontrollable reactions to the stress of the one-year mark, there are resources available for help.

Orlando United Assistance Center (mon-fri 8:00am – 5:00pm) 407-500-HOPE
ASPIRE Health Partners 407-245-0045
Hispanic Family Counseling 407-382-9079
Two Spirit Health Services 407-963-5664
UCF Restores 407-823-3910
Park Place Behavioral Health Care 407-846-0023