June 6, 2017 Blog

How will you commemorate Orlando United Day?

In the days leading up to the one-year mark of the Pulse tragedy, there are many people from around the region and world who want to remember the lives of those impacted with positivity and hope. The City of Orlando and Orange County Government, in collaboration with Pulse, have jointly designated June 12, 2017, as “Orlando United Day – A Day of Love and Kindness. There are several events happening throughout the day. To find out more about these public events, click here.

If attending public events is not how you would like to honor this day, there is another option. Acts of Love and Kindness is a movement led by the One Orlando Alliance encouraging people from around the globe to take act through volunteerism, sharing a story of love and compassion or giving to support agencies assisting the impacted community. To learn more about this movement, click here or follow #ActLoveGive on social media.